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BT Fleet acquires SEV

BT Fleet acquires SEV to offer mobile maintenance and repair services
BT Fleet announced on the 8th February the acquisition of SEV Automotive and Plant Limited, a UK based mobile vehicle maintenance and servicing business.
BT Fleet will add SEV’s capabilities to its network of 64 garage locations across the country to help accelerate its plans to provide comprehensive fixed and mobile service, maintenance and repair (SMR) to new and existing customers, to accompany its award winning fleet management service for business critical fleets.
By adding mobile SMR services to BT Fleet’s existing fixed offering, customers can opt for the convenience of having their vehicles maintained and serviced on their own premises, or at one of BT Fleet’s garages.
Managing Director Geoff Allison established SEV in 2014 and the business is headquartered in Sunderland. With more than 40 mobile engineers, SEV offers a nationwide service for a range of vehicle makes and models.
The acquisition will strengthen BT Fleet’s customer offering by creating the capability of providing both fixed and mobile SMR services on a national basis through its own operations and employees. For customers using this newly added service, it will provide choice, consistency and resilience, and minimise the amount of time their vehicles are off the road, delivering cost efficiencies and competitive advantages.
Sixty employees from SEV will become part of the wider BT Feet team. SEV Managing Director, Geoff Allison will become Mobile Operations Director on the BT Fleet leadership team, working into Managing Director Henry Brace.
Gerry McQuade, CEO, BT Wholesale and Ventures, said: ‘This is an important acquisition for BT Fleet, as it allows us to deliver an even better customer experience by offering greater flexibility and convenience around how and where their vehicles are maintained and serviced. SEV’s position in the marketplace makes it the natural choice of partner as we look to combine the strength of our fixed garage network with a fully mobile team of technicians. I’d like to extend a warm welcome to everyone from SEV; together we have a strong and exciting future.’
Geoff Allison, Managing Director, SEV, said: ‘This is a truly amazing time for SEV and we are delighted to be joining BT Fleet. With our combined operations and expertise, I’m confident we will deliver the service that customers require in this ever demanding marketplace.’

A more focused service.

In a strategic move to improve the focus of the business and the cash reserves for growth, the management team of SEV AP have agreed a deal to sell their material handling and fork lift truck division of the business.

“ This has been a strategic move that has been well planned and executed. It was a key achievement against our roadmap to focus the attention to fleet servicing and direct to customer mobile servicing.

We have identified strategic partnerships that will help us to grow the mobile servicing and B2C markets.

Our plan is invest in our supply chain partnerships, to increase parts availability to the customer and thus reduce response time and make it more convenient for our customers to book a time that’s good for them.

The investment plan will allow us to make technology developments that will keep us at the leading edge of mobile maintenance, delivering an ever improving service.”

G Allison (Managing Director)

Management buy out

August 2014 has seen the 85 year old division of SEV being bought from the “Smith Electric Vehicle” european division via a management buy out.

Seeing the opportunity for the growth of this sector the european managing director Mr Geoffrey Allison has a vision for the business to expand into a number of key sectors.


“Growing the fleet servicing will allow our business to increase the number of mobile technicians.

This in turn will have benefits to the public consumer.

Our vision is to make it more convenient and simpler to have your automotive maintenance and services done where and when it fits your schedule.”

Technology bringing parts to the roadside

In partnership with our parts suppliers we have been working on integrating technology, with parts identification, ordering and roadside delivery. Andrew Page has been co developing systems that enable a rapid order placement of parts through databases by our roadside technicians.

“In some cases we are able to better 60 minutes delivery time to part arriving at the roadside”

Paul Pickering at Andrew Page ltd.

Gone mobile

With the advent of the “I want it now” culture we are bringing mobile servicing to the public and to your door. In partnership with we are offering services to book your appointment either direct through our call center or by WCFMC. We are offering services at your location, giving you time to get on with what you need to do rather than wait in a depot while your work is getting completed.